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Stoke for Rowlet by Maximum12567 Stoke for Rowlet :iconmaximum12567:Maximum12567 0 0 Spinarak Ying-Yang by Maximum12567 Spinarak Ying-Yang :iconmaximum12567:Maximum12567 0 0 Misdreavus Yin-Yang by Maximum12567 Misdreavus Yin-Yang :iconmaximum12567:Maximum12567 0 0
An Aquatic Odyssey P4
Remnants of the two large statues lay scattered about in front of the princesses’ door. Some seemed cut while others crushed as the debris spread out across the hall.. "What happened here?" I asked looking back towards the guards. Both shook their heads as they had no explanation. Aleek offered a suggestion. "Maybe the princess knows? She should be back in her room by now." I looked up towards the door, as I hoped she was. I would be lying if I didn't say I wasn't worried about her. Resisting the urge to scratch the back of my neck for fear of agitating the cut, I addressed my guards. "Well I guess I'll head on in. It was quite pleasant talking to you two." "Our pleasure." They both answered as I walked up to the door and placed my hand on it. I watched as a faint glow appeared under my hand before the door swung open on its own. As I entered I couldn't help but think of how easily the guards had warmed up to me, especially when considering their apparent distaste of my species s
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CatYin YangBug by Maximum12567 CatYin YangBug :iconmaximum12567:Maximum12567 0 0
An Aquatic Odyssey P3
The trip through the town was as awkward as anything could get. Tuhnar and Aleek were as rigid as a rock and all the citizens would stop what they were doing and stare as I walked by. The only thing that seemed normal was when a few children, not knowing the importance of what was going on, would continue their games as they ran about the streets. I was actually quite disappointed with these circumstances as I was hoping to see the everyday city life but I understand the distaste towards my species. These people live in the ocean that us humans constantly pollute. Yeah some may argue that we're fixing the problem but for the time being the problem still exists. I had been mulling over these thoughts so much that I didn't even notice the distance that we had walked until the Spine loomed overhead. We walked up to the a pair of large gates flanking the the structure and my escort nodded to the guards stationed along it, who immediately opened it so then we may enter the Spine. As we ente
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Yarsa (My Parasect Gijinka Test) by Maximum12567 Yarsa (My Parasect Gijinka Test) :iconmaximum12567:Maximum12567 1 0
An Aquatic Odyssey P2
I regained consciousness in what seemed to be a large cell block. I nearly retched as the horrible smell of rotting fish assailed my nostrils but was fortunately unable to due to the lack of food in my stomach. One of the few times I'm actually happy that I was hungry. I peered around my cell for anything of interest but found nothing. It seemed to be designed just like a normal cell comprised of a toilet, sink, and four cots. I wondered why I was the only one in the cell but pushed it aside as it truly didn't matter to me. I walked over to the bars and looked around, keeping one hand covering my nose and mouth in order to avoid inhaling that awful aroma. In the cells across from me I could see no inhabitants and the same seemed apparent in the cells to either side of me. "Either this means I'm in a city with extremely low crime rates or I'm just flat out screwed." My stomach growled as if to agree with the latter. I hoped that before they killed me they'd at least give me a final meal
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An Aquatic Odyssey P1
I was involved in a horrible shipwreck overseas and was knocked unconscious. I awoke dazed on top of debris as it made its way down a track towards an odd machine. I hopped off and watched as the debris fell into it as a sheet of glass slid down the face of it before the matter inside was seemingly vaporized. This happened only after I noticed the body of an unfortunate victim of the same shipwreck fall into the machine as well. Disgusted at the sight I left the area through a connecting tunnel. As the sound of the machine began to fade I exited into several other tunnels, trying to find my way out. I was forced to stop however as a section of the wall began to glow and I ducked behind the corner that I had just turned around. Peering carefully around it I watched as two beings walked through the section of the wall, leaving only a ripple behind. They stood there for a moment, seemingly talking in only a series of whistles, clicks, and gestures before they took off running down the oth
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Chifuta Red by Maximum12567 Chifuta Red :iconmaximum12567:Maximum12567 1 0 Chifuta Cyan by Maximum12567 Chifuta Cyan :iconmaximum12567:Maximum12567 1 0 Chifuta Blue by Maximum12567 Chifuta Blue :iconmaximum12567:Maximum12567 0 0 Chifuta Steam-Punk by Maximum12567 Chifuta Steam-Punk :iconmaximum12567:Maximum12567 0 0 Chifuta Parchment by Maximum12567 Chifuta Parchment :iconmaximum12567:Maximum12567 0 0 Communist Shrek TCG Mat by Maximum12567 Communist Shrek TCG Mat :iconmaximum12567:Maximum12567 1 0
Fall of the Great P2
Both sides hurled their pokeballs high in the air as new determination settled over them. Varie's was the first to open, revealing a large Venomoth. "Ava." Tristen smiled as he realized he had an advantage this turn. "Go Gardevior! Show her what's up!" The crowd surged again as the graceful Pokemon exited the pokeball, swaying to and fro in the cool arena air. Much like her trainer she smiled at the attention given to her and twirled, letting her dress flow out as several catcalls were released, Pokemon and human alike. Varie frowned in annoyance at that and glanced back to Chris. A pang of anger darted through her as Lucilene edged closer to him when she saw the Gardevior on the field. Varie quickly shrugged it off and turned back to the battle. She'll have her chance with him after, and besides, she wanted this first move. "Ava! Use Bug Buzz!" The moth quickly began flapping its wings at supersonic speeds before blasting a wave of noise and air straight at the Gardevior. Not expectin
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Acid's Ref Sheet by Xainra Acid's Ref Sheet :iconxainra:Xainra 135 23 Reference Sheet - Amsk 3657 by KyriaDori Reference Sheet - Amsk 3657 :iconkyriadori:KyriaDori 239 19 Banana Splitt species refsheet by Anarchpeace Banana Splitt species refsheet :iconanarchpeace:Anarchpeace 312 274 Armadigon species 8D by Anarchpeace Armadigon species 8D :iconanarchpeace:Anarchpeace 427 73 Fu Dragon by beastofoblivion Fu Dragon :iconbeastofoblivion:beastofoblivion 11,051 841 Dragon Heads by MikeAzevedo Dragon Heads :iconmikeazevedo:MikeAzevedo 2,335 62 Dragon Poachers by JonasDeRo Dragon Poachers :iconjonasdero:JonasDeRo 3,994 199 Razorwing species reference (temp) by Sezaii Razorwing species reference (temp) :iconsezaii:Sezaii 675 115 [OUTDATED] GASTROSNAPS - Species Guide by Skelefrog [OUTDATED] GASTROSNAPS - Species Guide :iconskelefrog:Skelefrog 1,907 222 Narezushi species 4.0 .:open:. by Japandragon Narezushi species 4.0 .:open:. :iconjapandragon:Japandragon 1,372 735 Species Design: Forest Dragon by SunDier Species Design: Forest Dragon :iconsundier:SunDier 487 38 Galaxy Dragon by RubisFirenos Galaxy Dragon :iconrubisfirenos:RubisFirenos 1,395 38 Cybran Dragon MK III by Avitus12 Cybran Dragon MK III :iconavitus12:Avitus12 467 72 Cybran dragon by Avitus12 Cybran dragon :iconavitus12:Avitus12 256 14 Armored dragon by yutori-custom Armored dragon :iconyutori-custom:yutori-custom 196 5 Space Dragon Argont 2 by ERA-7 Space Dragon Argont 2 :iconera-7:ERA-7 1,405 113



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Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
I'm an all around kinda guy I guess. I'm into Anime, Manga, Pokemon, Steampunk, Mechs, Monster Hunter, and a whole lot of other crap. I hope I'll be one of the good Fanfiction writers out there. Either that or I'll fail horribly :P

1.   How long have you been on DeviantArt?  
Although it's really more like two, I've technically had this account for 4 years.
2. What does your username mean?
Nothing much honestly. I happened upon it a few years back in the good days of Runescape when it was suggested. Since then I've used it for everything.
3. Describe yourself in three words.
(The) Sane Evil Tyrant
4. Are you left or right handed?
5. What was your first deviation? 
I believe it was my poem "Truth of Black" I'd love to check but my computer isn't really cooperating at the moment :P
6. What is your favorite type of art to create? 
Honestly I like chibi's. Or anything one could consider "cute" (Ya I know it's not macho, but I see why girls love the kind of stuff)
Why I don't have anything of the sort on here is because I prefer to do it in my sketchbook.
7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
Full scale manga type artwork.
8. What was your first favorite?
Not really sure.... The deviation i in storage :(
9. What type of art do you tend to favorite the most?
Whatever I'm in the mood for, whether it be Monster Hunter of Fossil Fighters, I never honestly can say 
10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
I have a few. (I'd tag the PF if I knew how) 
Macawnivore, Evilapple51
3, Jon-Lock, Arvalis, Greenmapple17, and a few others that've impacted me.
11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
Its a tie between Greenmapple17 and Jon-Lock. GM has done several requests for me (Including a very special Mr. Iwata wallpaper) while Jon-Lock's work often portrays the way I feel at times. That, and both are pretty amazing but in all honesty I'd love to meet the people I watch. Every artist on here is amazing and I dislike having to choose some out of all :P
12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
...... I guess I can't really answer that aside from what I said above. As I do most of my art in my sketchbook I don't often upload stuff so I haven't met a lot of people I could honestly talk to.
13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
I prefer to use a Pen or Mechanical Pencil to draw from reference, but if I can upgrade from this 2003 laptop I'd so totally use Adobe Photoshop (As I'm actually certified with it *Wootwoot*)
14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
Good question. Often I do it at school or someplace with people, but I have the feeling I may do so for attention. If I could choose a place to do it though I think I'd end up choosing a bench near Pier Thirty-Nine in San Francisco, as I've fallen in love with the area after visiting for a college trip. (At least if the MONSTER SEAGULLS don't eat me. Compared to Florida Seagulls, those things are the size of cars XD)
15. What is your favorite DeviantArt memory?
I guess when someone says thanks for Favoriting or responds to your comment. When you're on here and you always see these beautiful works, from Macawnivore's Comics to Jon-Lock's Art, It kinda makes it feel like the people are above you, a person with no real amount of talent. In essence they're god-like, but when you end up talking to them you realize that they're actually just normal people living life as you do. Its a moment of realization one doesn't get to often.


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